Friday, December 18, 2009

The gray & white tornadoes are at it again. Ma & Pa K. insisted on coming for a quick visit and I just wasn't inclined to argue about it. Wednesday's blood tests showed that I was "borderline." I felt puny enough to cross the border; yesterday I had another transfusion -- only one pint this time. I'm slowly reviving, but M&P are rarin' to go, so germs and spideys: beware. They are taking yet another trunkload o' crap to Goodwill, and then probably buying more cleaning supplies on the return trip.

Further evidence of their spectacular wonderfulness: Mom baked extra cookies so I would be able to give some holiday goodies to the 'hoodies. How super cool is that?

I have managed to delay the next D-day (or C-day) by a week. Either they forgot me or the schedules were already too booked up, but I'm not scheduled for poison until Dec. 23. Not saying I've committed to it (yet)... But holy mother of You Know Who, that's some mighty crappy timing, isn't it? Good thing it's not one of my holidays. I'm trying to get psyched for Festivus, but I'll only be a spectator at the Feats of Strength. Goddess knows, I don't need to participate in any Airing of Grievances.

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lilsquirt64 said...

"I've got a lot of problems with you people"!!! Sorry...couldn't that episode!