Saturday, September 19, 2009

Like Hell Only Cheaper

I think he has a onesie on…like a gangster leotard. Connecticut.

It's not just fat people in stretchy clothes. It's not just mullets and rat tails. It's not just stuff stuck, painted on, and glued to trashy cars. It's not just t-shirts with obscenities and clothes that don't cover nearly enough. It's all of this, in combinations you've never imagined, and so much more. Spend a little time at PeopleofWalMart.Com.

(This was a little wake-up call for me, and a reminder that cameras are everywhere. Lately, I've been leaving the house without a quick face-and-hair-check. No more.)

WalMart: Just like Calcutta but with better parking!
Other clever slogan suggestions (and in the comments, too) here.

WalMart don't get no respect... and that's as it should be.

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