Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Ballad of Corky & Erv

On a warm spring night in '52
Erv _____ met the girl he'd woo.
Two months was all it took to see
That Corky and Erv were meant to be.

With hat in hand, with shaking knees,
Erv went to Harold and said, "Please,
I'm crazy for Corky and I'll do my best
To be a good husband, if you'll just say yes."

Harold and Sophie agreed they could marry,
And were as delighted as Florence and Harry.
And on this day fifty-seven years ago,
Corinne said "I do" to Erwin, her beau.

Two years later they were blessed with a son:
Martin Samuel, the very first one.
He arrived with a bang on the Fourth of July
And his grandparents' smiles lit up the sky.

Two years after that, in the month of May,
A baby girl came their way.
With Nancy Joy three were now four
But Corky and Erv still wanted more.

The house again was filled with glee
When, three years later, came Baby Three.
Gary Kalman, they named their son
But Corky and Erv still weren't done.

Four years later on a winter morn
Baby Number Four was born.
When Sharon Gail joined the crew
They knew what they would have to do.

They fed and watered, praised and scolded
They hoped and prayed, shaped and molded.
They watched and worried, they sighed and waited,
Especially when their daughters dated.

They ranted and raved and laughed and cried
They dreamed and wondered, they wished and tried
They loved and cherished, they hugged and kissed,
Knowing someday these four would be missed.

Joy and sorrow were mixed that day,
The day the last child moved away.
But Joy soon left sorrow far behind
When Marty introduced his find.

He'd met a girl named Nanci ______
And knew that she would be "The One."
When Marty had won Nanci's heart,
They, too, swore they'd never part.

Then they enlarged the family clan
With a beautiful girl named Sara Ann
Soon a second baby was on the way,
A blue-eyed wonder named Kimberly Fay.

So grandparents these young lovers became,
Yet stayed young lovers just the same.
The nest isn't empty, you see, it's filled
With love and respect and romance still.

Til death do they part, for a vow is a vow
A bond that is even stronger now.
Lifelong lovers and partners and friends
Sharing a romance that never ends.

May their joys be many, their sorrows few;
May they find satisfaction in all they do
May their love never wane; may they never forget
How happy the _____ kids are that they met!