Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Long, Fare Well

Dear Friends,

Having enrolled with hospice this week has changed my perspective. I've been thinking about signing off the blog for quite awhile, and this feels like the right time. I can't believe it finally happened...but I really don't have much more to say! Oh, I'll miss ranting over major and minor annoyances, but you deserve better. My readers -- family, friends, and friends I haven't met -- have kept me going for more than two years. I never expected to be here this long, and I certainly never expected to find such a warm, caring community, especially in MM patients and caregivers.

Technology continues to amaze me: this little white box on my table, this seemingly inert piece of electronics, has connected me to an entire network of smart, kind, thoughtful people. Your good wishes and support have meant more to me than I could have imagined. I will leave the blog up for awhile, on the chance that there's anything helpful here for newly diagnosed MM patients. I will continue to read and occasionally comment on your blogs. But out of concern and respect for other MM patients and their loved ones, I'm going on the next leg of this MM journey on my own.

I have been touched and privileged to share my story and get to know you. I wish all of you great joy, peace, and most of all, good health. Fill your hearts with gratitude and forgiveness until there is no room for anything else. Be good to yourselves and each other.

The Coot

P.S. Now that he's had a taste of Guest Blogging, Bro 1 -- one of the two best brothers on the planet -- may occasionally pop in.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gorgeous Day for Gardening

Hello all... Bro #1 here helping sis La Cootina with the blog. On Sunday, we were "attacked" by a small band of big-hearted gardeners. Though weather had been bad and forced a couple postponements, it was simply a picture-perfect afternoon. Like a colony of ants, everyone seemed to migrate to different areas (front yard, backyard, flower beds, perennial gardens) and they worked - and I mean WORKED! It was a wonderful group whose efforts are appreciated beyond words. And thanks to their efforts, the grounds of Villa Decay look simply marvelous...

Pictured (l to r) Kerry, Mary Ann, Doug, Bill, Pat, Gary, Jill, Randy, (front) Judy and Megan. Not pictured: Kelly.

La Cootina's words now:
"Good sports - every one of these ladies is very attractive, believe me! But after sweating in the garden for a couple of hours, it's not really cricket to point a camera at them, sans make up, sans hair triage. You can, however, still see how beautiful everyone's heart is."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've been blessed with a near-continuous parade of friends and relatives the last few weeks. My brothers, in particular, were very helpful and I have to single out Bro 2 for tackling a lengthy "Honey-Do" list of chores. (The price for having skills and aptitude.) Although she's busy with full-time work and full-time single parenting, Sis has been just great, always ready to help with errands or whatever I need.

All my Hoodies have been amazing, with Chris, Mary Ann and Kerry topping the list. I truly, truly could not have come this far without their help. They are my angels here on earth. Others have helped lighten my load, just providing comfort, compan- ionship, and most importantly, lots of laughs. I'm not sure what I did to deserve such an incredible network of helpers, but I'm grateful for every one of them.

We're giddy with Spring Fever -- several consecutive days of 80ยบ+ weather -- and Final Four Fever. By coincidence, my hometown is hosting the Final Four this year, and a local team is "going to the dance." It's been a long time since we've been this excited about the NCAA championship.

I'm not sure the Rake-o-rama is going to happen. I've managed to select two rainy days; the first rain date now needs a second rain date. Perhaps one of them will select another date/time and declare a Flash Rake. I can't bring myself to pester these wonderful people again.

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