Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's strange to be offline for two+ days. But the ol' laptop was unplugged and tucked away for two more showings. After a month on the market, I'm conceding defeat and de-listing. I'm sure I was unrealistic about the price, but I also expected offers to come in at least 10% below my asking price. Well, several lessons learned. In the meantime, I'm not feeling well and having showings two days in a row has really drained me -- especially when I knew in my heart they were just looky-loos and all the hard work was for naught. At some point, I'll tackle a few of the Villa's biggest projects; in the meantime, I'll at least get a look at the new tenants next door.

Back to chemo tomorrow. Then a Saturday hoodiepalooza for the two May birthday girls: Miss Chris and The Coot! I have great hopes for a complete recovery by then.

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