Monday, November 23, 2009

Over the River

... and through Kokomo, the crotch of Indiana! I can't get to the Homeland without enjoying that particular scenic highlight. Bro 2 is flying in today. I'll put his mechanical skills to work on a couple of Villa projects, and then pack for the shlep northward for Thanksgiving.

I'm feeling significantly better... I took myself off of the clinical trial last week. After two months of no stamina, being unable to cross the room without gasping for air, and worst of all, the 24/7 nausea...  ENOUGH. I may find out tomorrow what new form of torture the medical team has in store; I'm hoping my "treatment holiday" lasts a few more weeks but at this point I know that's a mighty slim possibility. I will just have to savor and rejoice in not feeling like crap for several consecutive days.

The less-crappy euphoria coincided with a visit from one of my favorite people on the whole planet, Supergirl #1! I had postponed a planned September visit, and didn't have the heart to cancel again... but as it turned out, I was having quite a boomerang reaction to going off chemo. We had a wonderful visit. I finally let her tackle a couple cleaning projects here and she went at it with zeal and gusto. She vacuumed a whole 'nother dog's worth of hair from the living rooms nooks & crannies.

SG1 got to meet many of the Hoodies -- Miss Chris hosted the Last Nice Evening of the Season gala on her deck Saturday night. There have been several such celebrations; we keep having unbelievably pleasant, warm weather! But (a) I have missed all the others and (b) we're pretty sure this was really the last nice evening.

I'm always thrilled when my family gets to meet some of my awesome, amazing friends and vice versa. After several weeks of wallowing in despair and misery -- and just in time for Thanksgiving -- it was great to be reminded that even after two years of illness, I am blessed beyond belief, certainly beyond anything I deserve, in devoted friends and loving family members.

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tim's wife said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling so low. I'm glad you have recouped in time to "put the feedbag on"
for Thanksgiving. Have a good one!