Monday, November 2, 2009

Periscope Up

Cycle 2 is kicking my booty around the block and back. I've got the whole list of side effects and a few new ones, just for fun. At the top of the list is numbing, crippling fatigue. Between that and concerns about friends who are just getting over (or just beginning to incubate) a wretched cold or flu, I decided to skip a Hoodie soiree last night. My dear friends picked up my cornbread contribution and brought Molly to the party.

They brought me a bag full of leftovers to enjoy, which was wonderful. They included some of the host's chili which I couldn''t resist tasting last night. Yeah. Lemme tell you, that was some serious five-alarm, slap yo' mama, cry like a little girl and beg for mercy hot, hot chili. Either that, or I've become a total Nancy boy, featherweight, candy ass, wimp of the century, sissy girl. I'm not taking bets on which.

In between holding the sofa down, I've been trying to post a poem Sis & I wrote for our parents on the occasion of their 36th anniversary. I made some modifications -- a couple weeks ago they celebrated their 57th Wedding Anniversary! How's that for a spectacular achievement? Especially with the challenges some of their children occasionally presented.

For security reasons (there may be one or two people who don't know) I've left out last names. My parents, Corinne and Erwin, have always gone by Corky and Erv. Their parents were (Dad) Florence and Harry and (Mom) Sophie and Harold. I give you...The Ballad of Corky and Erv.


Kathy from NJ said...

That has to have been one of the best gifts ever. My parents celebrated 62 years in 2007, my Dad's parents made it to 65 years. I love the way your blog brings back such good memories.

Holly said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, that is the sweetest thing ever! And I love the draw'rings! (Accordian?!) I'm celebrating my big third anniversary today while my husband is at the hospital having EEGs and discussing his "medical issues" with his team. Ahhhhh Life. That silly, silly thing.

Thanks for that last posting on curcumin. The Husband gets a kick out of all the foods and supplements I uncover for him.

LaCootina said...

62 and 65 years? That's incredible, Kathy.

Holly - Happy Anniversary. :)