Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quality of Life IS a Valid Issue

...We live our lives with whatever mix of things that give us pleasure and steps we take to be responsible, and sometimes we enjoy health and sometimes we get sick. But if we live only within the bounds of responsibility, if we forgo completely the pleasures, we will miss the point of all this striving for longevity, the whole reason for living. And we might get sick anyway.
From a link (thanks, Anon) that I recommend everyone take a look at:
For a Cancer Survior, Living (Well or Not) Is The Best Revenge


Anonymous said...

A precious friend was diagnosed with lung cancer and a year later sadly the cancer was stronger than she was. Her brave battle ended, sanely. During that time I found your site so that I might gain a better understanding of her situation and how I could be of use to her and have become a dedicated lurker.

My husband has had HIV for over 10 years (we were both IV drug users) and is just now beginning to deal with quality of life issues. All of his energy is exerted towards work and there's been no energy left to 'play' (TMI). His doctor a few years ago, presented him with the notion of Quality of Life. Life without laughter??? We may be getting to make a few major changes so we can laugh more (shop less but laugh more).

Dawn aka Anon

La Cootina said...

Hi, Dawn. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. When faced with these issues, it's amazing how little you need. I hope you and your husband find a good balance. Best wishes.