Monday, May 3, 2010

Update - if you wish

Hi all, Bro #1 here.

Nancy's final entry is exactly as she wrote it. If anyone would like to have an update, please write to If you prefer to let her words speak for themselves, they are more than adequate.

Please note that all the comments to her last post have been read and are deeply appreciated. Many thanks to all for your kind sentiments.


Margaret said...

A fellow blogger/friend put into words the feelings that I...and many others in the myeloma community...have for Nancy, how much we love her and will miss her:
My deepest condolescences to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

My name is also Nancy. I would like to read this blog. I have met Nancy during her journey. Thanks.

Susie Hemingway said...

For Nancy

Our hearts are sad for Nancy
a loss in which our hands would love to reach
across the miles of space to say goodbye,
we wish our eyes could see your words as daily missed
the spirit of brave trials in life lived with such pain,
in beauty of that lively energetic soul engraved within our minds
our hearts are sad for Nancy.

You found such laughter in a testing world
displayed in warmth that radiated upon your page,
filling our private worlds for us to read.
We loved the way your smiles and rants lit up our rooms
wishing for tomorrow’s sun, that could not be.
Your bravery as God enfolded you within his arms
for sure you are his special angel,
but our hearts are sad for Nancy,
our hearts are sad for Nancy...

Susie Hemingway May 2010

Margaret said...

I have dedicated a few posts to Nancy, including this one, today: Please let us know when the book has been published. Thank you.

Susan said...

Just checking in, to see if you managed to send something from Heaven! You just never know...

Mesothlelioma Symptoms said...

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I know this sounds cheesy but optimism sometimes is the best medicine.