Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Friday

Went for a Zometa fix yesterday, and the labs showed I'm finally making a little hemoglobin and white blood cells; no transfusion required. (Red cells and platelets are still lagging.) One stick for labs, one stick for Zometa. One very quick and painless shot of Aranes (Arasep?). I guess it's all in the wrist. Hallelujah.

A dear friend recovered from a long relationship with a true Bad Boy. She found herself a Real Man a while ago, and last weekend, they eloped in Vegas. Hooray for true love... and common sense.

Another friend has committed to a trip to Europe next year - her first. She also committed to getting healthy and dropping some pounds so she'll be in peak condition to enjoy the trip. Hooray for courage, adventure, and taking care of yourself.

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