Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter 1.01

Brrr! The winter winds are a'blowin' here, and probably where you are, too. Monday was even more of an adventure than I'd expected. It was my first time driving in almost two months. Sis has been toting me to & from appointments, but she went back to work this week, so I thought I'd give it a try before imposing on my second tier of volunteers.

All was fine but I noticed the "low air pressure" light was on -- again. I've had my brand new tires in twice already for slow leaks. When I got to the clinic, sure enough, one tire was way, way low. After my labs, I decided I'd better get some air before I even tried to drive to Cheapo Tires. It was about 7º and snowing. Short version: I went to one, two, three, four stations before I found a working air hose. By then, I was close to home again so I stopped to grab lunch and make an appointment at Cheapo Tires. Turns out it was the old screw-in-the-tire and it was a pretty quick fix, all still under warranty. I decided to push my limits and make a quick stop at the grocery, also my first in several months.

Well, I got it all done, I'm proud to say, but Tuesday I was practically in a coma and today was only slightly better. But the good news (!) is per the results of Monday's tests, I did not need another transfusion. (Oy, the things I celebrate these days.)

I think I've had four, or maybe five, transfusions already. The last time,* I was already so weak, I couldn't even walk; sis had to tote me around the hospital in a wheelchair. The printer at the blood bank jammed and no one noticed for an hour, so it took even longer to get my blood & platelates. I was there from 10am until 5:30pm. While I concede that I feel better -- lots better -- 24-48 hours after a transfusion, I still dread them. Up to seven hours trapped in a giant lounger that makes me feel like Edith Ann. (Anyone remember?)

Winter marches on. The weather hysterics are predicting 4-6" of snow here. Since I even put Hondo Banal in his spiffy remodeled garage tonight, odds are we'll probably just get a dusting. Stay warm!
*The poor guy next to me was having his first-ever chemo experience. His wife & Horrible Daughter were there, ostensibly for support, but only my IV prevented me from vaulting out of the chair and dope-slapping HD several times. After about two hours, she actually harrumphed loudly and said, "Gimme some cash. I'm so bored, I'm going to lose my mind if I have to stay here one more minute!" Yes, her father's chemo was a terrible imposition on her. Did I mention she was about 25-30 years old?


Unknown said...

I like hearing that you received some good news! Yay Twenty-Ten!

What we're celebrating around our house is that my sweetie has not been denied SS Disability yet, so we still have hope he will be determined to be disabled! WooHoo! And here's to a "grossy stable" brain MRI in February.

Let our internet party ROLL!

La Cootina said...

Wow - good news all around, Holly. Thanks for sharing!!

Karen said...

Edith Ann! "And that's the truth! (Pppbtttth)"

And if you see Horrible Daughter again, go ahead and give her a slap from me!

tim's wife said...

You didn't pop horrible daughter.
I didn't throttle my sister-in-law after a downright caustic insult.
Are we going soft in our old age?!!!! Nah...Maybe we're just too darn tired. Well the white stuff is headed our way too. Stay warm!

La Cootina said...

Haha! I'm calling it "latent common sense." A moment of satisfaction from a stinging palm vs. assault charges with witnesses.... (sign). Okay, we'll just fantasize about a ringing SMACKEROO.

For now. I'm not making any promises about the future...

Pppbtttth indeed.

La Cootina said...

oops; that was (sigh) not (sign).