Sunday, July 20, 2008

The New Purse

I’ve been carrying the same purse for 100 years, because yours truly, Aunt Crankypants, The Fussiest Girl in the World, knew I’d never find another one as good.

I’m also a terrible snob about small purses. Why on earth do some women need to carry an apartment’s worth of crap with them everywhere you go? Much easier on your back to just wear a t-shirt announcing your insecurities.

Anyways, my 100+ year purse is a buttery-soft black leather fancy-schmancy Perlina. It’s very small but has lots of organizer slots and zips and pockets. And I love it even more because I got it at a thrift shop for less than $5. Still, I was ready for a change. 100 years is enough.

So I bought a cute little straw handbag with flowers embroidered on it... for $2. It had short handles, and I’m a shoulder-strap girl, so I bought a nice Aigner leather belt for another $2. Here’s the crazy part: I paid the shoe repair guy $6 to grommetize the leather belt onto the handbag!

Apparently the price of a non-offensive handbag has doubled in the last 100 years.

And the other crazy part is... I am sure that come August, I will switch back to the 100 year Perlina. Come on, who’s going to carry a straw bag in September?

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