Thursday, July 24, 2008

Les Fluer du Jour

I am a gardener, or I was, BC (before cancer). Now I grow mostly weeds. Thanks to the kindness of a few hoodies, the weeds are attacked every couple of months, and a few flowers elbow their way to the sunshine. These lovelies are actually from my herb bed - it is oregano! It is a light, lacy airy pink flower. And this year, I've got enough of it for a pretty bouquet. I wish the picture was better.

I can't claim these beauties as my own. These spectacular spider mums are from Hoodies U&S, for taking care of their kitty for 2 days. Boy, did I get the better end of that deal! Their kitty is a cranky, antisocial old girl who just vants to be left alooone. So we understand each other perfectly, and I don't take it personally. A little food and water, a scoop of the litter box, and I'm done. Still, U&S worry that she's hurting my feelings or something, and feel they must do something to assuage my ire. Or maybe they're just really classy, thoughtful people.

Epilogue: Realizing that bright indirect sunlight would probably make for much better pictures (DUH. I'm a very bad amateur photographer.), I tried to take both vases outside again a few hours later. I managed to hurl the oregano vase at the ground. Yes, my favorite 25¢ garage sale vase is now history, because I'm too lazy and/or stoopid to make two trips. But it is a great comfort to me to know that, even at this age, I can still learn from my mistakes. And that I can keep finding new stoopid things to do.

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