Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Yes, it's Wacky Wednesday, the day I take the steroids, therefore the day before Cah-raazzy Thursday. I climb on the crazy rocket and buckle up for the 48-hour ride to loonytown and back.

The blood sugar boomerangs begin and I get this horrible squeaky little high-pitched Minnie Mouse voice. It's a good time to plead for financial aid, because I sound absolutely pathetic (at least I think I do!).

Steroids are very, very strong medicine. I don't think you should take them unless you absolutely have to, and nothing else will work for you. I really can't imagine any reason to justify why athletes would do this to themselves voluntarily. I mean, it's insane to basically poison yourself with toxic drugs that shrink your boy bits, and make you sound like a chipmunk on crack, and maybe cause brain cancer and who knows what else, for what? To run a little faster, jump a little higher? That's SO crazy, we ought to lock them up on grounds of mental instability. I wonder if the risk of having "nutjob" on their Permanent Record would be a deterrent. I guess if the life-threatening side effects or the threat of the loony bin doesn't deter them, that proves they're nuts, right?

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