Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Festivus, et al

The next few days our weather is predicted to alternate between snow and freezing rain. Sort of a white-gray, snowy-slushy Christmas. And yet, we're so much better off than many of you folks! I worry about my West Coast friends, who aren't used to really wicked weather, and my East Coast friends, who are used to it, but not so much, so soon. My sister is a travel agent, and I want to remind everyone that, contrary to what you might have heard, travel agents do not control the weather.

My mom and Supergirl #3, TJ, share the same birthday and usually the folks come down to celebrate. But the weather has been so unpredictable, we're postponing the birthday gala for a while. (Hooray for TJ, who went from a very small parochial school to one of the largest high schools in the state, and still made the High Honor Roll in her very first high school semester.)

We've warmed up to 23ยบ here but it still seems pretty cold. Here at the Villa, the canal is frozen over, which only happens every 3-4 years. Supergirls #3 and 4 are going to spend the afternoon here making Candied Pecans and Peppermint Bark for a few very last-minute Christmas gifts. We will make a grocery stop for a few last minute ingredients and some Red Box movies. (We love Red Box.) My goal is to distribute the goodies before I have a chance to tuck into them.

Whether or not you celebrate Festivus, I wish you all safe travels and happy, healthy holidays!

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