Friday, December 26, 2008

More Hannukah Hijinx

I think this must have been '73 or '74. How very unusual that I'm dressed like a norman human, while Sis looks like a young Granny Clampett and Bro 2 seems to be channeling... I don't know, Gallagher? In spite of the festive decorations and the menorah we all seem rather subdued. Maybe we overdosed on latkes.

2008 – Molly is an Agnostic Buddhist Pantheist Confused Confucian like her mother, but our cousin dogs, Coco and Taffy (pictured here), are definitely MOTs: Members of the Tribe. Technically, they are Lhasa PooJoos.

Exhausted after spending the day playing Judah in the North Suburban All-Canine Maccabean Tryptich, Taffy claims she just wants to relax and spin the dreidle. Sorry, Taffy. Find another sucker... I mean playmate. We won't play dreidle with Taffy anymore because she always wins. I'm not saying she cheats... I'm just saying it's verrry suspicious.

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