Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Getaway

Growing up in the hinterlands, a winter tan was a coveted status symbol. It meant that your family was rich enough to whisk you away from the freezing cold and blizzards, and take you to someplace tropical, where the sun was shining even in December. We never did that; I remember only one winter get-away. It was one of our few vacations that wasn't a family visit. We went to a winter resort (read: hotel with a big indoor pool) in Illinois.

I remember the pool...and that it was bitter cold, subzero, the whole time we were there. Did we ride on snowmobiles? Maybe just the boys. The sibs will have to fill in the blanks.

Yeah, those bathing caps were so flattering, weren't they? (Of course, now I realize it was a glimpse into my future: Hail, Baldini!) I believe this photo inspired the hilarious Martin Short/Harry Shearer skit on SNL about the synchronized swimming brothers. "Hey, you! I know you! I know you!"


Michelle said...

Oh I do so love your flashback posts! We never did a warm vacation in winter either....but we did have a great weekend at a Holidome near Toledo :) Long live the practical family vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Baldini;

I too enjoy your family reminiscences. What a quirky looking bunch of Mid-Westerners! My wife is from Michigan/Wisconsin and I've tried to understand.

I love your sense of humor and visit for my daily dose of healing laughter.