Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy Comes Back

Incredible, I know, but not only was Crazy back on my porch yesterday, she brought two little nutjob offspring with her. I answered the door, and Lunatella was busy doing something with her cell phone. She said something about coming back to thank me for letting her use my phone the other day (and rifle through my charitable donations and select several for herself)... but I believe we covered that already.

Luny never makes eye contact; meanwhile, the little nutters, around ages 4 and 6, are literally jumping up and down hollering the whole time, causing Miss Molly a serious Freak. She starts barking her Mean Bark, something I might only hear once a year or so. "Uh, okay, you're welcome," I mutter. Before I can shut the door, Nutjob One is trying to open the screen door, yelling, "I WANNA PET YOUR DOG!" Really? This viciously barking, teeth-baring little beast? "Sorry, she doesn't to be petted right now," I say, and this time succeed in shutting the door. I watch her through the shade, making sure she doesn't help herself to anything else on the way out.

Is she casing the joint? Is this just an unstable person who'd skipped her meds for a few days? I honestly could not hazard a guess, but it was clear that something is off. And if by some chance she comes back a third time, I will have no hesitation about calling the police.

Speaking of crazy... what's the real story behind the resignation of ├╝ber-Conservative love monkey and professional victim Sarah Palin? Award-winning journalist, filmmaker and historian Geoffrey Dunn has some interesting theories. I'm fascinated that pundits believe the resignation is either (a) a clear indication that she's ready and willing to start working on a 2012 presidential campaign {{{shudder}}} or (b) a clear indication that she's giving up politics and moving to the private sector to make real money and avoid having to resign if certain ethics issues bubble up to the surface.


tim's wife said...

Holy Toledo! And I thought I attracted some pretty weird characters. This one's a beaut!
I think it's a good idea to be
cautious, all kidding aside. Ya
just never know. Man do I miss my dog. She was actually a very nervous type but big and so intimidating to strangers, I've had
people run for their lives off my front porch. Sophie was lengendary with the local pizza delivery guys and the widow that used to live next door actually wanted me to record her bark so she could play it when strangers appeared at her door! :o) There was actually a rumor that started going around that we rescued her from an abusive situation(not true) and that's why she was like that! Nope,
she was just a good ol' girl!

La Cootina said...

Ah - well Miss Molly is about 22lbs so she's not terribly intimidating, but when I heard that certain bark, I was much less likely to give Crazy the benefit of the doubt!