Sunday, July 5, 2009

I could never, ever have a slobbery dog but they sure are fun to watch. I'm watching a rerun of Turner & Hooch, the Tom Hanks movie in which he plays a neat-freak cop who gets stuck with a huge, slobbering mastiff that may have witnessed a crime. I'd forgotten how funny it was! Tom Hanks made some hilariously funny movies early in his career: The 'Burbs, Dragnet, Big. (Punchline was funny, but very dark.) The Money Pit can still bring me to tears. Splash had some great moments, especially with John Candy. But I think T&H might just be the funniest.

As soon as it's over, I'll get to work on the first blueberry-peach pie of the season; I think it's my first in two years. The Hoodies have a soirée this evening. Normally I'm not a fried chicken fan, but I hear MA's is outstanding, and I'll get a chance to try it this evening. I hope my blueberry-peach pie proves itself worthy.

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