Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go See...

Funny Family Photos!

I'm just not photogenic, and when I force a smile, it looks more like a teeth-gnashing grimace. Sometimes I just try to keep my face neutral. I did this recently for my drivers' license photo, and I look like one of America's Most Wanted. Bad idea. My new strategy is to try to "smile with my eyes." No big, creepy grin, but I try to look as though I'm trying not to laugh... imagining a little kid has just said a naughty word. I did this for my passport picture and it's much, much less horrible. For me, "less horrible" is an excellent picture.

It's not just me. Here are two sites dedicated to excruciatingly bad/somber/strange photographs. I've been howling over the Happiest People Ever (samples above). If the wedding was that much fun, imagine the reception! Page after page of laughing at sourpusses. Equally hilarious but more diverse: Awkward Family Photos.
Here's the "3rd Happiest Place on Earth. Wanna hear a story? No? ...okay."
As long as we're snickering, I can't resist one more collection of bad tattoos, all new misspellings!

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