Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Girl Who Cried Uncle

1. The IR Pricks: After six months of the hospital's "Patient Representative" doing nothing, I moved up the food chain. The next guy claimed he was horrified at my treatment, and at the Rep's complete inaction, and promised to get right on it. Three months later, my email is unanswered. Four months later, two phone calls are not returned. I finally called him on my cell phone (no name on his Caller I.D.) and oopsy, he picked up the phone. "I was just going to call you!" he said. Sure. The short version: they don't care, they don't believe there was any inappropriate treatment or behavior. After a few minutes' back-pedaling, I got "Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We really care what you think." I almost puked into my phone. Okay, uncle, I give up.

2. DieSuckah Health Insurance will not approve my requested Rx. After two levels of appeals, I give up. They will pay for an expensive sleep study to justify the prescription, or they will approve an alternate drug which costs twice as much as the one I'm requesting. Tell me how that makes sense.

3. A very large tree limb got zapped by lightning last night. Luckily it missed my house, but it's a big honkin' thing and I'll need help getting rid of it. I called my homeowner's insurance and they said I have a $1,000 deductible... for anything. Except I remember that about 10 years ago, my house was hit by lightning. My computer was plugged into a surge protector, but my laser printer got fried... and they paid to replace that. I guess I'll have to make my case in person and try to understand this new policy.

4. Hondo Banal is going thumpity-thump when I hit the brakes. My mechanic says the rotors are rusted, and there's no way they should look this bad on a car this new. So I'll have to go to a dealership and see if there's been a recall.

5. After jerking my chain for 2+ months, I gave up on my current mortgage holder and started trying to refinance my house through another bank. I've faxed them everything they've asked for... and then faxed some pages a second time. Now I'm waiting for a return call; they probably need it all again.

I know none of this is huge, major, life-threatening traumas but it does seem I've had a slew of annoying issues. On the other hand, here's my new theory. We're not very good at celebrating our everyday joys and successes. We don't wake up and think, "Hooray! All my arms and legs work! My back doesn't hurt! My teeth are fine! My family is well! I have a job! My car is dependable!" No, we take these things for granted... until something goes wrong.

I knew an elderly woman who, when asked what was new, would always reply, "Nothing, thank God!" I think I'm starting to understand.


tim's wife said...

yep, doncha just love those days?/weeks/months? Sorry you're having a cruddy run here and hope it turns around soon. I don't know if you have a Wells Fargo bank out your way but I dealt with them when we bought our rental 2+ years ago on a recommendation from someone. They blew me away with their professionalism and usually have good rates. I dealt with a gal named Natalie McNaught out here in Jersey who is the only person I've met in decades who did everything she said she would do, quickly and right the first time.
Always called back promptly etc.
The girl is aces in my book. Wishing you some smooth sailing,

josh williams said...

I'll take a look at the limb, may be able to figure out a solution. JW

John said...

Hey Coots;

Look on the bright side. You have great neighbors! Wish I could help.

josh williams said...

Just turned it around in your lot, thought I could drag it down my way and then saw at leisure, but I'm not as freakishly strong as I one might think.
I'll hunt down my trailer I think I know who has it this week. Never buy a trailer, it will always be a loaner. At any rate, I can cut it into smaller pieces and pitch in my dumpster at work. No prob...Just be aware your tree is not moving on its own it was I the once freakishly strong but now wizened and lazy neighbor. JW