Monday, August 31, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

For the first time in nearly two years, I went for a long walk in the woods today. I went with my friends, two tall, long-legged folks and I sent them on ahead with the dogs. Even if I walked as fast, which I don't, I would only cover half the distance. So I had a solitary, peaceful walk. Although never completely out of earshot of civilization, it was still very peaceful to plod along in an environment that man hasn't mucked up yet. Aside from a few trail signs, and stairs on some of the steepest hills, this urban park is largely untouched. It's humbling to see yourself as such a tiny fraction of the big picture.

I'd forgotten to grab my cell phone and I have no sense of time, especially in that environment. So I walked further than I expected and felt pretty creaky on the return trip. I only made one wrong turn, a missed trail turn-off, and discovered my mistake after I'd gone less than a quarter-mile. Still, it was a very long walk for me and I was a bit surprised that my friends made it back to the car before I did! (Moments before, they assured me.)

I'm going to try to walk more often, and for longer, and regain just a little stamina. Closer to home I have two choices: a very flat but very popular, congested "rails to trails" path, or an extremely hilly city park. Maybe long walks on the former, short walks on the latter. At any rate, I think the real criteria will be how -- or if -- I can move tomorrow!

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