Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 28

Hi, ho. Hi, ho. It's off to the hospital I go. Day 28 (Monday) will be another 12-hour marathon with 6 blood draws and another bone marrow biopsy. Sis will bring me and spend the morning, as she did last time. A real trooper.

Meanwhile, I'm sick, sick, sick. The Z-pack did nothing for me so it's either viral or a very resistant bug. Whatever - I'm sick of being sick. Sick of having my right ear plugged up. Sick of blowing my nose every 12 seconds. (It's no consolation that everyone else is sick, too. They all seem to be getting better.)

I'm supposed to have guys here replacing a half dozen windows on Tuesday, in preparation for having my house painted Wednesday or Thursday. And then, I'm putting all home remodeling projects on hold for awhile. Bad timing, the hallmark, the cornerstone of my life.

Until then, I'm just a'blowin' and a'humming: Urp on the Water, Urpway to Heaven.


Sandy said...

"If wishes were horses, beggars might ride..". and you'd be feeling much better by now because that is what I've been wishing for you...

tim's wife said...

Tim has a hard time bootin' stuff outta his
system too. It's a drag. I hope you feel better soon and that tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible. I know I WOULD NOT want
to mess with the Coot when she is sick and tired. Those hospital folks better bring their "A" game.

georgejjl said...

Can acupressure relieve nausea???

It may be worth a try.

Good luck and GOD bless,


La Cootina said...

Actually, George, I had pretty good results with acupressure wrist bands through the previous 3-4 rounds of chemo, so I do know they work. I think this round, this drug, is maybe just a bit tougher so the bands no longer do the trick. It's a good suggestion, though, and I recommend them to everyone.

Thanks, Sandy & Denise, for those good wishes. Sis will confirm that feeling as puny as I do right now will make the hospital staff's work much easier. It doesn't happen often, but I feel as though life has sucked the fight outta me this week. Besides, I was a bit of a trouble maker last time and have much to atone for... or for which to atone, if you prefer.

Dawn said...

here's to hoping you'll be kickin' ass and takin' names