Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still No News :)

I guess my weekly labs during the clinical trial are going to be very abridged, so I won't know the immunoglobulins, etc., until the monthly tests roll around again. Meanwhile I'm enjoying a visit from my parents. Not only are they good company, but cleaning my house is my mom's hobby. No matter how clean (okay, tidy) I think it is, there are dust bunnies waiting to commit Hari Kari in her honor.

Thanks for all the nausea suggestions. I'm trying most of them (so far without any success). I thought the inner-ear connection was very interesting. My hearing in my right ear has been sort of in-and-out and I'm always afraid I'm shouting at people. Meanwhile... I can't believe it's October! Good heavens, when did that happen?


georgejjl said...

Regarding the nausea side effect.

You might want to talk to your doctor about the information at the following link.

I hope you get well soon.

Good luck and God bless,


Susie Hemingway said...

It's so funny how Moms always manage to find even the smallest little bit of dust missed. How nice to have them to visit. I do hope your Nausea passes really soon.

georgejjl said...

More hopefully helpful suggestios to reduce your nausea. As always ask your doctor about what you can do to reduce your nausea without adversely affecting the effecacy of your medications.

"...Managing nausea or vomiting. If you have these problems, tell your doctor or nurse. He or she may prescribe a medicine for these symptoms.

If you have nausea or vomiting, these tips may also help:
Eat small meals
Avoid foods that are sweet, fried, or fatty
Drink lots of fluids, but in small amounts ..."

"...Managing upset stomach.

If you have an upset stomach, these tips may help:
Avoid heavy meals, coffee, and alcohol
Reduce your stress
Sleep in a more upright position, propped up on a pillow
Take an antacid ..."

We are praying that you get well soon.

Good luck and GOD bless,


La Cootina said...

Thanks again for suggestions. Susie, I am mad for your hat - it's wonderful.