Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vindication (Go, Margaret!)

My local news at noon included a brief story about a study that confirmed curcumin kills cancer cells. By the time I reached the mute button, the story was almost over. The details are not yet at their website, but I'll keep watching. If you're a myeloma patient and you're not reading Margaret's blog yet... what are you waiting for?


Margaret said...

Gee, thanks!!! :-) (=sheepish grin) Two blog readers told me about this news item a couple of days ago, and a third one kindly sent me the FULL (headache-causing, very detailed and complex!) study. I just finished reading it and will post about it as soon as I can make my draft more...intelligible.

La Cootina said...

Good on you, Margaret. I know the scoop on curcumin has been around and widely accepted for a long time - but now it's finally filtered down to local news programs... which many people trust more than any national media.