Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Money for Nuthin'

(Speaking of cranky...) After a doctor's appointment and pharmacy run, a parking spot was a clear indication that the taco gods wanted me to enjoy 99¢ Taco Tuesday. One of our long-time panhandlers has apparently left downtown for the greener pastures of my 'hood. He actually knocked on my car window to show me his "I'm deaf (and lazy!)" card. I shook my head, no: I'm not giving you money. Get a job, or enjoy the services of the homeless shelters and food banks I support.

Instead, he waited for me and tried to hit me up again in front of the taco joint. He showed me the card again and held up his index finger: "I only want one dollar!" he mouthed. He was clearly indignant. So was I. I wonder if this qualifies for the "aggressive panhandling" that our city is trying to address. I'm not going to call anyone or make a stink about it yet, but if this becomes a pattern, I'll have no problem reporting him.

I feel badly for this guy, for anyone with a disability, for anyone who's lost their job...but I don't feel an obligation to give someone money for nothing, just because they ask for it.


Sandy said...

Pet Peeve - Getting caught in a traffic jam with panhandlers for some obscure church running up and down the lanes of cars, dashing in front and in back of mine just as the light turns green and then knocking on my window for me to pay them so I can move forward!!! And then getting dirty looks because I don't want to cough up the "fee."

La Cootina said...

Grrr.. we're trying to address that here, too. The churches & charities are often non-existent, and they're simply extortionists. But when the city tries to pass legislation addressing this, someone screams "first amendment! first amendment!" I'm not sure this version of "free speech" warrants protection...