Monday, December 7, 2009

Four Thumbs Up

Right now I have sleeping pill nights, and no sleep nights. This is one of the latter so I thought I'd offer a few movie reviews.

First, My Life in Ruins. It's My Big Fat Greek Wedding all over again, this time in Greece, without the wedding but with enough eye candy to keep me distracted. The hero starts out looking like a muppet, but cleans up quite nicely!

Next, King Baby -- an hour of stand-up  by Jim Gaffigan. Either you love him or you hate him; I love him.

The Soloist with Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. Based on a true story about a friendship between a newspaper reporter and a now-homeless former Julliard student, the movie resists a simple ending and stays true to their real-life experience. Wonderful bonus features highlight how the friendship has enriched them both.

The Valet -- another Frenchy film. A wealthy industrialist sets out to save his marriage and keep his supermodel girlfriend by having the latter pretend she's involved with an unassuming car-parking valet. Hijinx ensue, French hijinx. (Apparently it's illegal to make a movie in France without Daniel Auteil; he's in everything and the doe-eyed Gad Elmaleh is close behind.)

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