Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Pints Low

Well, Wacky Wednesday was aptly named this week. I went to the northside infusatorium (once again, Sis at the wheel) for garden variety blood labs: CBC, etc. Abridged version: Some nurses ARE complete idiots. I had one Rx to fill on the way home, and everyone and their dog was lined up at the pharmacy. It turned out to be marathon but we finally got the Rx and headed home. I gave Sis a grocery list - even a short trip was now well beyond my stamina limits. Just as I was falling, face down, onto the sofa, I saw the message light blinking. Damn!

It was Supernurse G calling with the blood test results of just a couple hours earlier. She was speaking in a voice I'd never heard before. "We need you to come downtown right now and get a transfusion. It really can't wait until tomorrow. If your sister can't bring you, you need to get in a cab. Be very careful, take your time. (repeated 2-3 times) Please call me as soon as you get this message!"

Since I'd just dispatched Sis, I called Molly's godparents, and Mary Ann was at my door in a matter of minutes. I thought to grab a piece of string cheese (the object of the game is always to avoid hospital food) but forgot my water bottle: a clear sign of my total mental breakdown. I managed to get there at 12:30pm but still didn't get done until 5:45. That was platelets, a little saline, and two units of my radiated super blood. Yum-O!

Incredibly, my numbers were even worse than before the previous transfusion, something I -- and the nurse -- should have seen coming. It was a whole lot of drama, mostly unnecessary because even now I hesitate to argue with medical personnel. You think I'd have learned that lesson by now, wouldn't you?


John said...

A story I've never shared revolves around a transfusion for RBCs, which occurred soon after my SCT.

I also received the "Stop everything you are doing and report to the infusatorium," phone call.

I won't go into the details now, but once there and hooked up, I started weeping uncontrollably. That was my emotional nadir.

Glad to know you're OK and loaded up with blood.

tim's wife said...

Yikes!!! Did they at least give
you a holiday egg nog chaser
with that transfusion? I hate to admit this but our cancer center has a little fridge full of fresh sandwiches for the patients getting chemo and blood and they are actually really good. I know....I don't get out enough.:o)

La Cootina said...

John, I think that I know exactly how you felt! I've had several weepy moments during and since.

TW - transfusions have to be done at the hospital, which is attached to the cancer center, but operates separately. The transfusions are done at the hospital's BMT center. They do at least keep a few snacks on hand, and I availed myself of apple juice, crackers, and nuclear cheez food. But the hospital's kitchen doesn't know the meaning of "fresh."

susan said...

I'm sorry. I think it's about time that your blood starts cooperating; it is really starting to piss me off!!!