Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yesterday's Thrill

As dramatic as yesterday was, how is it possible that I missed the actual Thrill of the Day? Chalk it up to lack of white blood cells...and yes, brain cells, too. At the end of that drama-filled day, I crawled into bed around 11:30pm and happened to glance up. There on the wall, just past my headboard, was a spider the size of Monaco. (It wasn't this exact Brazilian Wandering Spider; although mine was similar, its antenna were at least 2" long.) It exceeded my Crunch Factor by about 3.5.

If it had been earlier, I would have called Chris. She would have come over, carried it outside, knit a nest, tucked it in and sung it a lullabye. If it had been smaller, I would have just toggled my Denial Switch. But... I could not sleep with that beast roving so close to my head!

So I sucked it up: crawled out of bed, grabbed the nearest shoe, and without giving myself a nanosecond to reconsider, I slammed that sucker with more force that I knew I had. SPLOOCH! If this is a harbinger of this winter, there is great cause for concern. Meanwhile, with the help of two shovels and a backhoe, I disposed of the remains.



Sandy said...

La Coot -- your descriptive method of dispatching a particularly undesirable lady of the night - I never see them during the day, do you? - was enough to make me winch at the thought of having to listen to the noises of destruction. But it is perhaps a message to the rest of the gang to leave you alone! Let's intend they get it!!

La Cootina said...

No such luck. There was another beast, almost a clone, in the basement today. Just as I sent him to spider purgatory, I could have sworn he squeaked, "Guido sent me..."