Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey Day Wrap Up

In spite of my puny condition, I had a great Thanksgiving with my family. Each year I get more and more shmoopy about holidays. This started even before the cancer. I think it's one of those booby prizes of the aging game.

Most of the youngest generation came this year, including my cousins' kids. I don't see them often, and they don't get together often. It was wonderful to look around at this group of smart, healthy, funny 20-somethings chattering at a speed my brain no longer functions, and enjoying each other's company. I was sorry my stamina waned after just a few minutes but I really loved seeing them all, including all four Supergirls, getting the chance to spend some time together.

Mom's food is still one of the highlights. She insists that it's really not too hard now that she's retired; that she does almost everything in advance and then just warms it up, but I know it's still a lot of work. We keep telling her that anytime she decides to pass the baton, we will find a way to accept it and adjust. But as long as she is willing and able, we will be grateful. (I'm also grateful that every year, Mom ignores my feeble protests and sends leftovers home with me.) Bro 1's turkey is another highlight. He makes it in his Weber grill and it is spectacular. I don't know how they manage to drive in from Chicago without pulling to the side of the road and devouring it, but I'm glad they've figured it out.

My favorite highlight this year (and last year) was that Bro 2 flew here to drive me & Molly up and back. He is also the Handiest Man in the Clan, and a good sport about tackling almost any project: plumbing, electric, construction, whatever. During his brief time here, he managed to install a new garbage disposal that's been sitting in a box for 6+ months. He cleaned my humidifier, a huge project, but I'd be lost without it -- I get through the whole winter without static electricity zaps, without sore throats and dry skin, because of that old humidifier. He helped me tackle Laundry Mountain. Best of all, he scoured, scrubbed, bleached, scrubbed and scoured my ancient tub. He probably did another half-dozen tasks I don't even know about, but all this in addition to companionship and driving services, is just incredible.

So that was my Thanksgiving: a nest of family, food, comfort, a few treks down memory lane (always so much fun to compare our vastly different versions of childhood incidents), giggles and gratitude. No fights, tension, drama, tears, picking at old wounds, etc. If yours was half as nice, you had a pretty good holiday, too.


Sandy said...

Because I'm not living the U.S. at present, we didn't celebrate the day because where I'm living they don't even have turkey to eat... chicken, yes, and some Spanish things I can't quite decipher yet, but the city water system wasn't working well, so we settled for spaghetti and a pleasant view of the mountains. I'm so glad to hear your day was so enjoyable!

La Cootina said...

A bowl of spaghetti with a mountain view sounds like a nice change of pace, too!