Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bouquet

Gracie's peeps took the girls to a Three Dog Bakery "Easter Begg Hunt" yesterday. Molly (left) and Gracie were dressed as spring flowers, in outfits that were a big hit at a neighborhood gala the week before.

They behaved themselves nicely and were the belles o' the ball. (At a previous TDB event, Molly stole Frosty Paws from any dog foolish enough to lift his head for a nanosecond.) There were bunnies galore, but our girls were the only spring daisies!


Margaret said...

Hi there, I thought you might enjoy this one: when I first read your post, I was a bit distracted and read the following "They behaved themselves and were the BELLIES o' the ball." :-D

La Cootina said...

Ha - there would have been serious competition for that title!