Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Spring Teasers

Here's a first for the Villa: Snowdrops blooming... on March 11! The snowdrops are "volunteers," meaning I didn't plant any seeds or bulbs, they just suddenly showed up. In Molly's yard, no less. Tiptoe through the poo piles.

My picture is so bad, I went to Google Images to find a better one. (By the way, I make an effort to find pics that are not copyrighted. Apologies if I've erred.)

Along the way, I found this mad cool floor lamp inspired by the snowdrop. My sister and I are both lamp-a-holics, and this one just sends me right over the edge.


Unknown said...

I love the lamp wonder if I can find one that won't take all of my disability check.

La Cootina said...