Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Murders Family, Blows Up Orphanage, Supports Terrorists!

Socialized medicine! Death panels! Government-funded abortions! In case the "Tea Baggers" have you truly frightened, this should comfort you: A Guide for Those Traumatized by Right-Wing Fear-Mongering Lies about Health Care Reform.

Although the so-called HealthCare Reform bill was watered down to the point of toothlessness, and the Seig Heil Uber-Right ended up getting almost everything they wanted, in the true spirit of crybabies everywhere, the TBs have taken public rhetoric to a new low. Honestly, I hadn't thought that was possible, but those ever classy "Tea Baggers" have again demonstrated their debating skills and righteousness by shouting "f*ggot!" and "n*gger!" and even spitting at House members who dared to defy god hisself by voting for that pathetic, tepid health care reform bill. This should erase any doubts about their intelligence.

Since they've provided a real insight into their motives and intentions, I think it only fair that the TBers be correctly addressed on the floor from now on. Instead of "We recognize the kind gentleman from Skankville...," let's switch to "We recognize the lying, hypocritical, scumbag..." No more "Gentlewoman from Stupidland." She will henceforth be "The shrieking, spitting hysteric." Yes, I'm actually looking forward to their next strategy: accusing us of name-calling and ad hominem attacks. In anticipation, I offer this reply, which even they should understand: "Neener, neener, neener!"


Sandy said...

THIS is why I am glad I no longer have cable TV and cannot be assaulted with various epithets of dubious validity... I much prefer your 3X neener - it's keener!

Anonymous said...

My insurance agent said insurance companies are loving this bill. There is no restrictions on premium increases. They will get a bunch of companies and governments to pay for kids to stay on the parents policy until age 26...a group that often skipped buying insurance.
For me personally it hurts, because I would qualify for a state pool insurance that is much more cost friendly, but since I need to be denied coverage from regular insurance to buy into this pool, I know am no longer eligible. So our family will be looking at medical costs of over 25,000 this year and going up every year from now.

Beth said...

Ever since I learned I had MM, I've lived in fear of losing my coverage. I don't think I'm going to have to wake up every day worrying about that now.

The real fear for me has always been that I'd lose my job and my insurance. It's made dealing with myeloma about a million times more difficult.

I wish people would calm down. I'm a middle class working person who already has insurance, and I feel better now.

La Cootina said...

Anon, it seems that the private insurance companies wrote this bill! Once they dropped the "public option" I knew there wasn't going to be much to it.

Beth, I'm glad you have a job and insurance. This bill doesn't do much for those who have neither.

Sandy said...

I don't have a job, I have so little Social Security income that I could not survive just buying food with it, and even with Medicare - for those who are over 65 - this bill will be a killer for me if I have to have any kind of procedures. Guess that's what they want... did you know the government has insurance on every body? Some of us literally are worth more dead than alive...