Friday, January 30, 2009

I rarely watch Barbara Walters; I think she is a textbook case of someone with minimal talent being in the right place at the right time, and her interviews often border on inane. But a few weeks ago I happened to catch some of her interview with Patrick Swayze.

I've always appreciated the fact that Swayze's not a "Hollywood" actor. That may be the reason he's managed to stay married to one woman, his childhood sweetheart, all these years. And of course, now we have something in common, so I watched most of the interview. I was touched by his honesty, and he and his wife clearly provide strength and support for each other. (I don't know why he would allow such an invasion into his life.)

Tonight I "stumbled upon" this article, which says he has decided not to continue treatment, as there is little that can be done for him now. That in itself is such a courageous decision. I wish him and his wife continued courage, and grace, and peace.

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