Saturday, January 17, 2009

WWW = Wicked Winter Weather!

Like much of the country, we have been in the icy grip of an Alberta clipper, experiencing near-record low temps. On Wednesday, with my usual impeccable timing, I battled rush hour traffic at the peak of our little snowstorm, inching along the road on my way to the hospital for my MRI. I realized that I probably could get DieSuckah Health Insurance to pay for another PET Scan, but it wasn't worth waiting the 3-4 weeks it would take. And yes, the MRI is the loud one. Bang!Bang!Bang!

Then I shlepped downtown yesterday, at the nadir of the cold snap. It was -7 when I went in for my labs. The plan is for the doc to have the results of the monthly labs and the MRI when I meet with him next week.

And I have decided that I cannot drop the whole Intervention Radiologist issue. Nope, not gonna do it. Not because I was treated badly, but because I firmly believe there is at least a chance that I can get them to take a fresh look at their policies and procedures, and maybe re-evaluate whether or not they have the right to be cruel and heartless, especially to patients who are already sick, frightened and exhausted. So I will be contacting John, the So-Called Patient Representative to give him the bad news: I haven't died yet, and I do want to pursue this. There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!

P.S. My Foodie pal, Cathy F, braved the frigid temps to bring me some chicken enchiladas and The Best Tomato Soup in The Universe. (Yes, it's in the cookbook!) The only tomato soup I'd ever eaten was that watery Campbell's stuff, so this was even more of a revelation to me. If there's a heaven, I'm sure the angels eat this tomato soup. Thanks, Cathy, for the great food and the visits.

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