Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Becoming Retro (or is it Vintage?)

My bare-bones super-cheap ($15) cable package is just channels 2 through 22: the networks, PBS, a couple shopping stations, local access, some god stations, and the weather channel. But for some reason, I pick up another 6-7 stations: TBS, Spike, the Comedy Channel, FX, HGTV (House & Garden), Disney, and the Bambi Killers. Disney is a huge disappointment. I thought it would be Disney cartoons and movies, but it's always a couple of hammy adolescent twin boys in an unfunny show with shrieking canned laughter. Once in a while the Kill Bambi boys are killing geese, or fish; it's sort of the opposite of Animal Planet. Most of the time I watch PBS or whatever is on HGTV.

I recently had the cable chap over to investigate my fuzzy stations. Oops, turns out I'm not paying for them, so if they're fuzzy, that's just my tough luck. But...he didn't bust me for having a cable "splitter," in fact, he replaced it with a better one. And since his visit, I occasionally pick up TCM, Turner Classic Movies. Such fun! I've been watching William Powell, Joan Crawford, Billie what's-her-name, Cary Grant, Jane Wyman.

Most of the movies are older than I am, but once in a while there's a 60s movie; last week I watched "To Sir With Love." Yikes! What a bird's eye view on how much our world has changed, just in my lifetime. I sort of knew this; I've been keeping a mental list: I'm so old...

  • my first telephone number started with letters
  • I remember car vent windows and pushbutton transmissions
  • I learned to type on a typewriter
  • I remember when models smiled
It must be even more amazing to my parents. They have always been willing to accept and learn to use new technology, from microwave ovens to computers to cell phones. I give them credit for being so adaptable. They really are the cat's pajamas...whatever that means.

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