Thursday, January 15, 2009

Purdy Pitchers

I have photo envy. I admit it. I've never been able to take good photographs. During my nomad years, I toted a little Kodak instamatic camera and took bad pictures all over the country: Here's my thumb at the Grand Canyon, Here's my thumb at Old Faithful geyser. I eventually just stopped taking bad, stupid pictures... until a couple of years ago, when I inherited a little digital camera. Even that is not idiot-proof, as I often prove, but the wonderful thing about digital cameras is the instant image: you usually get another shot to take another shot.

Both of my brothers are very talented photographers. (They also have straight teeth and musical aptitude. Not fair, I say, not fair.) My hoodie Judy, who has a garden that brightens the whole 'hood, is also a brilliant photographer with a real knack for composition, lighting, color. Not surprisingly, many of her gorgeous photos are of her gorgeous garden.

Although I lack the talent to take good pictures, I consider myself a true connoisseur of beautiful photography. How wonderful that, in this digital age, there are many skilled photographers who share their work. I try not to drool directly on my keyboard:
Nature's Best Photographs
Baby Animals - I want a Panda!
In Between Meals - photos of Italy (including the one above)
Addendum: I happened upon a site that features "15 of the best nature photographers" and it's quite an impressive collection, from spectacular weather shots to amazing underwater creatures, arctic animals to microscopic snowflakes. Wow. Go see.

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