Thursday, January 1, 2009

So Bad They're Good

Not the music, which I can't vouch for, but the album covers. A wealth, a trove of badness! Bad Album Covers with funny comments:
Bad Album Covers, Part 1
Bad Album Covers, Part 2

My friends at Dark Roasted Blend always mine some great stuff: Cute Vintage Albums.
Sadly, no comments.

Pick a category and have fun: *Regrettable Music. There are some duplicates, but again, it's funnier with comments.

Where it all started: 50 Worst Album Covers

Bad taste actually circled the globe. Some of the worst album covers came from Sweden. Unless you speak Swedish, you won't understand the comments, but this is food-snortingly funny: Swedish Album Covers. (Warning: very big, somewhat slow-loading page.)

*The Regrettable Music title may have been inspired by one of the funniest books ever, James Lileks' "Gallery of Regrettable Food." It is the perfect accompaniment to any dinner party: it will spark the conversation, and whatever you serve will seem exquisite by comparison. A similar tome is his "Interior Desecrations," photos (and comments!) of excruciating 70s decor. And Lileks' take on the 1973 Sears Catalog has been making the email rounds, without due credit. Bad 70s! Bad!

Want more? Go to the Institute of Official Cheer and work your way down. Dateline: Kennel, Bad Publicity and the Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots are not to be missed.

Select a new combination of features: MONOFACE


Holly said...

I remember reading The Gallery of Regrettable Food at a bookstore when it first came out. I was sitting in the Expensive Coffee Area and trying to hide under my long hair and bangs while I shook and wheezed and snorted with tear-streamed laughter! Then I bought the book, read the same pages every night for about a month, and now proudly display it in my kitchen, next to the 3-year old Angel Hair in glass.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, memories.

Happy New Year, LaCoot!

La Cootina said...

Haha! I love it so much, I have given it twice as housewarming gifts.

Happy New Year to you, too, Holly, and to all my readers.