Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GoodGolly, Miss Molly

You thought perhaps I was exaggerating her beauty? Ha! Impossible.

Thanks to S-I-L, Molly sports a very classy Coach collar - pink patent leather! Here she is (foreground) with her best friend Gracie. Gracie is the second-most submissive dog on the planet, and she enjoys bossing around the #1 title holder. Gracie likes to give kisses; Molly prefers to be the adoree, and will lay still for hours of tummy rubs. They are very petite girls - Molly is just 22 lbs. (We tell people they are "Toy Labs.")

Gracie's peeps have been wonderful, taking Molly with them on long walks several times a week, or to their house for playdates. Molly went through her annual Stinkarella phase ("I must roll in something foul, right now!") and the peeps remained understanding, even bathing her when the stink reached toxic levels.

What are the odds that The Two Best Dogs In The World would live just 2 blocks away from each other, and become lifelong best pals? I dunno, but we are so, so grateful to have Gracie and her exceptional humans in our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could describe for your adoring audience Molly's "boyfriend" -- the dashing tuxedo cat Sparky. He pines for her as we speak...well, OK so he's just passed out for his mid-afternoon nap.