Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a Boy!

And his name is Hondo Banal:

Hondo, because what else are you going to name a Kia Rondo? And Banal, because in all the reviews I read, the only negative comment was that the interior was banal. (It is.)

Well, I'm not an impulsive gal, at least not anymore, but when I do follow an impulse, it's a doozy. I've known for some time that the Grannymobile was on her last wheels. She was 10 years old and developing a serious Power Steering Fluid habit. And I was in danger of frittering away my disability settlement check. So I blew the wad yesterday on an almost-new car. I called Bro 2 this morning in a cold, clammy panic but after talking me down from the ledge, he deduced that it was just a reaction from spending so much money in one swell foop.

But I luv my Rondo. Everything is still under warranty and best of all: I can get in and out without grunting and making a series of horrible faces. Hola, Hondo Banal.


John said...


You + Hondo = Muy Simpatico.


La Cootina said...

Gracias :) I hope Hondo & I have at least a decade together of Happy Trails.

tim's wife said...

Best wishes with your new ride!
Does this model come equipped with the front and rear rocket-launchers
to remove cars that block you in
your parking spot? ;o)

La Cootina said...

No - but I wonder if that's available as an add-on?