Monday, June 29, 2009

I just wanted him to shut up

File it under Strange Coincidence. Yesterday morning, my 'hood was aswarm with cops. In fact, at one point there was a cop and a sniffer-dog in my front yard! The Hoodies were burning up the phone lines trying to find out what happened, and then get updates. Turns out the convenience store around the corner was robbed at gunpoint, and the robber took off on foot (a contender for the Darwin Awards, wouldn't you say?), so the cops were blanketing the area. I think they found him because they all left the area at the same time. It was a bit of a hubbub; not our usual Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon, Bro 2 called for our weekly catch-up phone call, but began the conversation with, "I just wanted to see if the cops were at your door."

Huh? How on earth did he hear about our little commotion?? Turns out he was talking about something else entirely: Billy Mays, the incredibly annoying TV pitchman, was found dead yesterday. I found him so obnoxious that whenever his commercials came on, no matter what I was doing, I had to race to the remote and hit MUTE. I wrote about him in a post titled Recurring Fantasy.

Well, I'm in the clear. I just wanted him to shut up and go away. And yes, I can account for my whereabouts all day.

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Sandy said...

La Coot - how interesting that you feel you have to have an alibi - ha ha! I was also a muter when he was on, and I can account for my whereabouts as well.