Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with O magazine. (Okay, that's a bit strong. It's more of a like/dislike relationship.) It often fluctuates between unctuous and preachy. There is often an almost shocking disconnect to the way her readers live: how many of us are going to even consider $1,100 handbags or $600 shoes? And yet, there are features I love, like celebrities telling about their Aha!" moments, and their book recommendations. There are inspirational quotes under the heading, "Live Your Best Life," that also range from saccharine to sharply insightful. In the current (July 09) issue, this one jumped off the page:

Every one of us is called upon, probably many times, to start a new life. A frightening diagnosis, a marriage a move, loss of a job... And onward full tilt we go, pitched and wrecked and absurdly resolute, driven in spite of everything to make good on a new shore. To be hopeful, to embrace one possibility after another -- that is surely the basic instinct... Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take this life for what it is.
-- Barbara Kingsolver, from High Time in Tucson

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