Sunday, October 19, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are easier to recognize and appreciate as I get older. I'm no longer skipping or stumbling blithely through life, focused on the future while the present slips through my fingers. Right now, I'm appreciating, I'm acknowledging, I'm savoring...

Hot Baths! It's so easy to take this for granted. I was first reminded of this Simple Pleasure about a decade ago. Bro #2 lived with me briefly, and put his amazing mechanical skills to work, updating my only bathroom. Home remodeling projects always cost more and take longer than you think, and this was no exception. We were without a full bath for a month or so. I have a toilet upstairs in the attic, so at least we had another throne in the house. But for a month, I was bathing/showering either at my sister's or my neighbor's house. I thought a lot about homeless people: keeping themselves clean must be one of their biggest challenges. Imagine for a moment that you don't have access to a shower or tub: how will this change your life? Your self-image?

I thought about it again this morning. I could not shower for the entire month Portitia was with me; it was strictly "horse baths" at the sink. When I came home from the hospital, sans port, I enjoyed hot showers, sitting on a little footstool because I am too wobbly to stand for that long.

And this morning, I luxuriated in a hot bath. Those 2 weeks in the hospital dried my skin like I can't believe, so I added a few drops of baby oil to the bathwater. When I got out, I slathered on some Golden Apple Body Butter, a gift from my friend Sara. Heavenly.

I would have liked it scalding, but instinct told me that was probably a no-no. I recently checked my Stem Cell Transplant Handbook, and found out I've been breaking a lot of rules. For example, yesterday Chris toted me to our local Farmer's Market. I forgot to bring a mask; oopsy, that was breaking Rule #1!

I should probably stop checking the Handbook.

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