Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caribou Barbie Debates

Well, I'm a'waitin fer the big showdown between Grandpa Joe and Caribou Barbie. Ironic that in order for her to be considered a rousing success, all Sarah Palin has to do is avoid saying anything really horrible or stupid.

She has stumbled publicly several times, launching into long, wandering tangents that never reached a point or conclusion. Here's a little tip, Sarah: If you don't know, say "Well, gosh, I don't know."

Okey doke, then, let 'er rip!


Anonymous said...

I'm watching now. CNN has squiggly lines at the bottom of the screen that tell how their guinea pigs feel about what's being said. It seems to me that Joe Biden has the upper hand. At one point, when Sarah said some really fluffy things (near the beginning), she got a lot of squiggles near the top, but I haven't seen many more. Boy, do I never want to hear the word maverick again. Please! (OH - not ANOTHER one who says nu-CU-lar!

La Cootina said...

Never has a standard for "success" been set so low. She managed to stay on her feet and not say anything horrifyingly stupid. Mission Accomplished! Thumbs Up! Go Team!

Anonymous said...

Well, the idiots in the office have been going on and on about how that great American, Sarah Palin, showed the world she's not such a buffoon after all. I had to resort to headphones blaring Mozart to drown out the insanity, and found comfort in this voice of reality:

Margaret said...

I think anyone who mispronounces "nuclear" should not be allowed within a mile of the White House. There should be a law...doggone it. ;-)

Anyway, I am glad to see I was not THE ONLY ONE to be bothered to the point of almost developing hives by the sound of "nu-cu-lar"...!

in Massachusetts for the next couple of weeks!