Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are They Psychic?

or avid blog readers? The Hoodies have really stepped up. Last night I enjoyed some delicious homemade vegetable soup courtesy of Bill & Judy. Almost everything came from Judy's garden. They even included an extra serving for the freezer. I'm also enjoying a savory beef stew from Nick & Mary Ann. That's a rare treat for this "situational vegetarian." Again, an extra bowl for the freezer, to be enjoyed when Indian Summer is officially over.

Speaking of...yesterday, Susan and John and nephew (Alex?) came over and spent much of the glorious afternoon raking my leaves. It was wonderful to get the first batch bagged before the first rain. Everyone knows how much fun raking wet leaves is...not! And Gary & Kelly dropped off a movie for me yesterday; I haven't restarted my Netflix yet and was having a movie Jones.

I'm so humbled, realizing now that I've had some practice asking for and accepting help...that I can't think of a single time when I asked for help and was turned down. Please, give all yourselves a big pat on the back, from me.

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