Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bottom's Holding

Two new events today to break the monotony. First, I have just enough mucositis that it's becoming very difficult to swallow pills, so most of my meds are going in via IV. I think at one point I had 8 or 9 bags feeding into the two lines. Very tricky which drugs can piggyback with which. I'm glad Nurse Jessie is on duty today; she is very focused, undistracted.

The second event was a couple of laps around the unit. I haven't left the room in several days, but now that I'm (still) at zero, I have to "suit up" to leave the sterile confines of my room. This just entails donning a gown, gloves, and a sort of super-mask. My IV pole unplugs, so I got to take it along. As I toddled down the hall, I was trying to come up with a storyline for the world's slowest superhero. "It's a turtle! it's a slug! No, it's SnailGirl!" (What are my superpowers? Able to cross a room undetected?) On my third lap -- yes, three, count em! -- I saw a similarly masked and gowned gentleman taking his IV pole for a walk, too. I thought of challenging him to a race (a hobble-a-thon), but that just didn't seem cricket.

There is a new nurse on duty tonight and I can already tell she's got me beat for SnailGirl. Let us all hope that no one has a true emergency on this chick's shift.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you lots, never cease to amaze me with your wit through this whole ordeal! I wish I had some spunky response -- but really no words are more heartfelt than telling you how much we are all cheering for you to get through this process soon and back home again :)