Saturday, November 29, 2008

Farmer's Market - the Real Deal

I'm still up in the hinterlands. Bro #2 and I will head back to Villa DeCay this evening, hopefully well ahead of the first snowstorm of the season. (Or so the Weather Hysterics have led us to believe.)

First stop today is the Farmer's Market. My city is about ten times the size of my home town, but has nothing even comparable. I'm trying to be a locavore, but it's nearly impossible without a good Farmer's Market. Whenever I'm back for a visit, I go overboard at this excellent market, in business for 70-80 years.

There are always things I love, things I've never seen, things I want to try. Besides all the fresh, local produce, there is a nice selection of homemade crafts, and locally made items such as jams, cheeses, and baked goods. I got a recipe there for a zucchini pie (yes!) that is just out of this world, and no one believes the main ingredient is zucchini. It's the only place I know where I can buy a dozen homemade keiflies, an almost unbearably rich Polish pastry. I love buying and trying new jams and butters: homemade pumpkin butter, tomato preserves, hot pepper jelly.

And it's my last opportunity to buy a Rosemary plant. Every year, I bring my delicate Rosemary inside, and every year, it survives the winter, only to die a week or so before the last frost. So the Thanksgiving trip always includes the purchase of 2-3 Rosemary plants, to keep in reserve. Fickle, fickle, sit on a pickle. From the Farmer's Market, of course!


josh williams said...

Locavore, I like this. I have simple tastes, in other words my sense of smell is so poor that if it aint spicy its bland. So I guess I am a spiceavore, spell czech corrects me numerous times, but in addition to being a spiceavore I am a rebel.Sounds like you had a good holiday and I gotta go my spell czech is making a funny noise and I see smoke, I do not smell the stuff though...

Unknown said...

I brought my huge rosemary pot inside and am thinking about moving it to the bathroom where it will get plenty of steam. Last year it got surly and dried up rather quickly. Hope you're feeling well enough--I think about you often and check in daily!