Friday, May 15, 2009

Baker's Acres, Part Three

When the week begins, everyone is in various stages of pastiness. Every year, we'd rent a pontoon boat for one afternoon and pile on for some fun, low-speed cruising on Lake Michigan.
The mighty pontoon rides low in the water when the whole mishpocha (family) is on board. Sometimes we'd have to go out in two "shifts" or risk sinking.
With Grandpa Harold at the helm, you'd never know this is a long line of sea-fearing people. At least once, however, the engine wouldn't cut and we "beached" the boat.

Uncle Sid shows off the Catch of the Day, enough to feed a family of four... crickets, maybe. Mom with three happy sailors. Well, Bro #1 looks a little sulky, probably waiting for his turn at the wheel.

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