Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Last Day

After singing Happy Birthday to another patient, the nurses came over and sang Happy Last Day to me! It won't be official until next week when we get all the lab work back, but I think Dr. A. will tell me that I fall within the parameters of "CR" - in remission. I'm thrilled, of course, but saving some glee for when my back issues are diagnosed and hopefully relieved. I saw Supernurse G today and mentioned that I hope step 1 is campaigning for another PET scan. And yes, I fully expect to get turned down three times again.

Most of the Hoodies are Cat People. Chris has 5, KB and MA have 3, KH and GH have...4? BF has 3 and renegade Pat dares to have just one. When they leave town, they host a Cat Sitting party. Everyone brings their calendars and signs up for shifts. When the travelers return, they usually hold a Cat Sitter's Thank You party. Although we are always on the substitute list, to fill in if needed, Molly and I have never been pressed into service, yet these wonderful folks are always kind enough to include us in the before- and after-celebrations. Talk about the best of both worlds! Tonight, I will join them as BF and JB schedule cat sitters for their Lake Michigan vacation.

I usually leave town on Memorial Day weekend. We have a little race here that attracts quite a large crowd. Many of them spend the weekend in and around my 'hood, getting drunk and clogging traffic. Since I'm "stuck," I stopped at the grocery on the way home and now I'm prepared to spend the weekend here at the Villa, working my way through some Netflix videos and writing some fresh blog posts. The goal is to avoid driving, all weekend if possible.

But right now, there's a nap with my name on it, just waiting for me.


batya3 said...

what wonderful news! and though i'm sorry you are not escaping the crowds, i am looking forward to more writing!

StephB said...

yipee!! great news, my friend. you and Molly have some serious celebrations to enjoy this weekend. even if the news isn't official from the Doc - it's good enough for me to be thrilled for you :)

John said...

This is terrific news about the CR.

I'm glad you have Molly for company. Dogs always feel like they are vacationing when their masters are close by. Enjoy the holiday from the peace and quiet of the Villa.

La Cootina said...

Thanks, all. The celebration began yesterday my hoodie pals!

Laura said...

Yea! I am thrilled for your news. What a great weekend.