Friday, May 1, 2009

Chemo Day #24

With the theme of "Most Things in Moderation," a last-minute porchfest at J&Bs gave a dozen hoodies the opportunity to wish "Bonne Chance" to our two runners who will compete in a half-marathon on Saturday. Another soiree is planned for Saturday evening after the race. I think that theme is "Prelude to Sausage Fest," an homage to a local event that most of the hoodies eagerly anticipate. Incredibly, the runners will be hosting that shindig. You raise our bell curve, K&G.

Yesterday (it's 2am) was Chemo Day #24, so today is the beginning of chemo vacation. Wahoo! I'm pretty sure the piggies have moved out next door. There's a rumor that the rain will stop in another 2-3 days. My house has another showing scheduled at 2pm today. The only bad news on the horizon is that Bro #1 is battling a tough cold and decided not to visit this weekend. I'm disappointed but I think it's the right call.

Follicle Follies -- KB somewhat contritely explained that he had to rescind his offer to color his hair in solidarity. Seems his wife was not wild about the idea. A perfectly valid concern, and I think most would agree that a happy marriage trumps a silly, if well-intentioned, impulse. Plus there is the fact that, aside from shaving, KB wouldn't have to look at his silly hair all day, and his wife would.

So I'm on my own with the temporary hair color. I called my recently-out-of-retirement (@%# economy!) hairdresser to get a professional's input. Her exact words were, "Oh my god, don't you dare!" I will explain to her at some point why that's not the most effective strategy to use with a card-carryin' contrarian. Meanwhile: game on.

Soon, I'll start another big sweep -- the stem-to-stern cleaning and tidying. Now that I'm practicing Less Slothful Living, it doesn't take very long. Molly and I have to vacate for the showing, of course. If I have enough juice, I'll head to the beauty supply place to check out the hair color. If not, we will visit the kitties at Chris' house for an hour. At any rate, I'll be offline until tonight.


tim's wife said...

We're gonna need a pic of this new-fangled colored coif for our
"La Cootina for president" buttons.
We'll run you on the "contrarian"
ticket. You'll have LOTS of support
there! :o)

La Cootina said...

So tempting, but I'm holding out for Queen. I don't need no stinkin' Congress. A benevolent monarchy, or nuthin'!